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Community Agriculture and Environmental Protection Association Statement on the Just-Ended Africa Climate Summit in Nairobi, Kenya

The Community Agriculture and Environmental Protection Association (CAEPA) commends the
successful conclusion of the Africa Climate Summit held in Nairobi, Kenya. This significant gathering
brought together leaders, policymakers, scientists, and grassroots organizations from across the
continent to address the pressing issue of climate change.

The summit's focus on fostering regional collaboration and innovative solutions to combat the impacts
of climate change is commendable.

CAEPA believes that such multilateral efforts are crucial for
mitigating climate-related challenges that disproportionately affect vulnerable communities in Africa.
We applaud the commitment shown by delegates in acknowledging the urgency of climate action and
the need for immediate and sustained efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, adapt to changing
conditions, and protect our natural environment.

As an organization dedicated to environmental sustainability and community well-being, CAEPA
underscores the importance of translating the outcomes of this summit into tangible actions on the
ground. We call for increased investment in renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, afforestation,
and climate-resilient infrastructure across the continent. Additionally, we emphasize the critical role of
local communities and indigenous knowledge in shaping effective climate policies and solutions.
CAEPA remains resolute in our commitment to contributing to the collective efforts to combat climate
change. We stand ready to collaborate with partners and stakeholders to implement strategies
discussed at the summit, with the ultimate goal of safeguarding our planet for current and future

We look forward to working alongside fellow Africans and the international community to
turn the promises made at the Africa Climate Summit into meaningful progress toward a more
sustainable and climate-resilient Africa. Together, we can make a difference.

Fenwi Linda Ngengeh
Programme Coordinator
Community Agriculture and Environmental Protection Association